Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

metastases in mylum techniques found in the MR total spine

In case study women age patient 73 th come to the doctor with clinical neurosurgery cervical spondylosis and lumbalis going to the Husada Utama Hospital to investigate MR Whole spine ( otal Spine )
Discreening patient by Nurse ask whether there are MRI in pace maker what is not? Use carotid clip or not to whether a history of surgery or chemotherapi if ever done or no ?
Radiografer to explain how to long this examination and inspection procedure
1.Patient confertable in supine postition
2.Normal breathing
3.During examination must not be moved
By using the technique that is very sequence Pasting direcly from cervical untul sacrum Sequence once took approximately 4 minute T2 Weighted. T1 weighted. Stir Long TE (ie longer 5 Minute) and axial slice T2Weighted and T1 weighted taken at the vertebral bone join
THis examination is usually in use for the case :
2.Spondylosis cervicalis
3.Spomdylosis Lumbalis and
There are some case with whole spine examination found the process of metastase in myelum.The examination very helpful for screning

by.ferry Indriasmoko

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